Monday, 31 August 2009

New Kids On The Blog #2 - Grown Ups

It's Monday night but thanks to the bank holiday (which, for the record, I hate - it's a self-employed thing) my brain is absolutely convinced it's Sunday. The US Open is on in the background and in a bit I may go and watch some cricket I recorded last night. That's right, cricket. What have the Ashes done to me?! I don't like what I'm becomming. If you see me out and about in all whites - and it's not an Andrew WK fancy dress party - help.

A friend just mentioned a bands name in an email. It wasn't a recommendation for me to listen, it wasn't in relation to anything of any real significance, but I liked the name. They're called Grown Ups. It's yet another one of the current crop of plural names (move over, 'The' bands) but I like it. And as it turns out, I like them. So much so, they've won the award of our second 'New Kids On The Blog' title...

Grown Ups

I don't know exactly how you classify this kind of band, either in terms of genre or geographical roots, but it's a scene I'm becomming more and more endeared by every day. The obsession began last year with Native and has since lead me on a trail through Algernon Cadwallader, Snowing, Castevet, Lautrec, Yo Man Go and many many more. I guess that it just ticks my boxes. The 90's indie influence is there and sounding as passionate as ever, the mathy tendancies shine through and most of all, there are hooks for the whole family. Lovely, charming, hip-swinging hooks.

It's late, I'm 24 hours ahead of myself and torn between daydreams of crowded house shows in mid-West America, and the lure of yesterdays cricket (seriously, kill me) highlights, so please excuse the lack of discernable musical description here. I guess you're just gonna have to trust me. Or don't. God bless the 21st century and the fact that streaming music is more available than Katie Price.

And whilst you're at it, listen through all of the aforementioned bands pages too. It'll be worth every single second of your time, I promise.


steve said...

brilliant call again, i love grown ups. probably the best thing for the midwestern scene in a while (since native?) x

Kev said...

Thanks. I definitely think they're one of the best. Hoping to track down their EP as I've only heard the two tracks on Myspace and a few rough live recordings on Youtube so far

I'm a sucker for the gang vocals!

Tom Weber said...

I thought the photo was appropriate for the blog post. Kudos and keep upi the good work.