Monday, 10 August 2009

New Kids On The Blog #1 - Hold Your Horse Is

I introduced this feature back on June 20th and haven't yet posted a single band link! Simply not good enough, lets make a start on sorting that out now shall we?

Hold Your Horse Is

These guys got in touch a few weeks back but due to the frightening nature of my over-crowded, jungle of an inbox, it took me until yesterday to finally have a listen. Suffice to say, little else has since left my tiny Harman/Kardon computer speakers.

Coming from the same, ultra-creative, brilliantly DIY, South East scene as Meet Me In St Louis, their recent EP, 'Everyone Runs Faster With A Knife', and forthcoming double a-side single, 'Lost The Magic'/'Broken Sound', are filled with the same explosive energy and excitement as the much-missed St Louis boys early demo recordings. With a slight nod towards an American 90's indie influence in the vocals, these are definitely one of my new favourite bands and they should be yours too.

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