Tuesday, 25 August 2009


A long, long time ago, when BSM existed merely in name and I had more time on my hands than I knew what to do with, I pretty much perfected the art of procrastination. A fine example of that would be this, something I found whilst trawling through some old website files earlier this week.

An interview with Callan Mulvey, AKA Drazic from 90's Australian teenage soap, Heartbreak High

Being young and impressionable and having spare time to play with has always been a dangerous combination. Factor in a desire to avoid finding a full-time job, a love for cult television characters and a platform to publish anything, anytime, the world is any young dreamers oyster. If this means inventing a fake UK fashion magazine, spending a whole day guessing at and emailing over 200 potential addresses involving variations of callan.mulvey, callan_mulvey, c.mulvey and more, pre-fixing them to every popular domain name imaginable, then so be it. If it also means rigorously searching the internet (remembering this is nearly a decade ago, when Google ranked below Yahoo, Alta Vista and Lycos in my search engine of choice list) for any hint or trace of contact details for Mr Mulvey's representatives, agent or even close family members, then once again; so be it. Time wasn't an issue when it came to something apparently this important.

How I thought I'd track the man down, what I was going to ask him or where my obsession for inventing magazines came from, I wish I knew. (One day I'll tell you the story about Worcester, MA, a photopass, Adam from Taking Back Sunday and the most embarrassing moment of my life). And why I thought anyone would even care, I scratch my head in bemusement, but lo and behold, I managed it.

I remember the moment when, upon scouring my old Hotmail inbox full of bounced back responses from non-existent Callan Mulvey email accounts, a lonely figure in the shape of Callan's agent sat. Unfortunately the message has long since been deleted, but I remember the contents like it was yesterday:

"Hear you're trying to reach Callan. Send me questions. I'll pass on. Best."

The well-articulated, beautiful words lit up my heart.

In some small way I'd like to think that this day played a part in the future of BSM. After receiving my completed interview answers back from my fictional hero, posting them to the website and gleefully seeing the tens of single digits rack up in my web counter, a small lightbulb crackled into action above my head and the thought "wait a minute, shouldn't I be releasing some music on this label rather than wasting my time tracking down Australian soap stars for pointless interviews?" overtook my brain. Our releases started to flood out and the first bricks of my very own Rome were laid.

Anyway, with no further ado, I would like to present the original, unedited, joyfully short interview with Callan Mulvey. A man of as many words as his dear agent. Enjoy...

How are you?
I'm really good

Where are you right now?
In Sydney.

What have you been upto since you finished with Heartbreak High?
I've hardly done any acting. I've been Dj'ing to make a living and have been happy doing that. I'm back in Sydney for a while but the past year I moved away up north and was living on a property out in the bush and was loving it.

Are you still in touch with other cast members?
Not that much. We all finished HBH nearly 5 years ago which is a long time. Once in a while I'll speak to or bump into one of those guy's.

Drazic had a lot of on-screen rivalries, was there anything like that going on in real life?
Nah. I'm a pretty mellow person.

What, in your opinion is the best thing Drazic ever did? (personally i would have to say the day the two schools came together and he united them with his mad skating skills)
Ahh... God, I'm trying to remember, it was so long ago. Maybe saving the guy who was on the other end of the phone in the help line episode?

What does the future hold for you? Any new tv shows?
I'm going to get into acting again. Its been a while and I was over it for ages but now I'm keen again. I got a role in a really funny Australian film called Thunder Struck. We start rehearsals in Perth next week. I'm sooo gee'd up about it. No TV shows on the horizon but who knows what will happen?

Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?
I have absolutely no idea. I never think that far ahead.I have trouble working out what I've gotta do next week.

I've heard rumours of a skating show featuring yourself, Tony Hawk and Jon Pollard. How did this come about and have you got any idea where i can get a copy?!
No idea where you got that one from and its the first I've heard of it.

Now for the mandatory small talk questions, what kind of music are you into?
I love all kinds of music. I guess what i listen to depends on how I'm feeling. I listen to everything from Mozart to Grand Master Caz to Zap mama, and everything in between.

Any particular favourite bands?
Ac/dc, Coldplay.

Favourite film?
Shawshank Redemption. I just saw "i am sam" and was so blown away. Sean penn is unbeleivable.

Have you ever been to england?
Yeah I've been about 5 or 6 times. I just never had enough dollars which sucked. The record shops....ahhhh the record shops.

If you could only be remembered for one thing, what would it be?
That my friends and family could always trust me to be there for them whenever they really needed me.

So there you have it folks, a couple of huge, very out of date scoops, I'm sure you'll agree.

Look out for a handful of slightly more related, current interviews to appear on here over the coming weeks. What can I say? Regression isn't always a bad thing. I'll leave you with Drazic at his finest...


Chris said...

Drazic was my favourite character on Heartbreak High too. I still fondly remember watching that show along with Star Trek on BBC 2 in the early evening.
Excellent interview!

Sarah said...

"One day I'll tell you the story about Worcester, MA, a photopass, Adam from Taking Back Sunday and the most embarrassing moment of my life" - haha!
I think that story is why I didn't even try to say hello to Adam. That and the crowds of giggling girls surrounding him, themselves surrounded by a confused blur of boys doubting their heterosexuality.

Carly Findlay said...

I love this post dedicated to Callan :)
I met him last week and he was delightful. So lovely.

theexilesclan said...

There's no doubt, the dude is absolutely just.