Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Awesome competition #4

Here's a problem for you: We're placing an advert in Uncut magazine for Kevin Devine's album next month and I need to provide 30 words to describe the record. I asked for suggestions on Twitter and received a few inspired responses, including:

"Bloody Brilliant? And repeat 15 times?" - RichHughesTLOBF

Use the word pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis because its the longest word in the english language" - rctrcollective

t puts the 'vine' in divine. twice if you count anagrams" - adamnonfiction

inger songman Kevin Devine does new reet brill album. Instruments are played, things are nice" - MikeTreat

Better than chocolate hob nobs" - Aoc1

Epic Ginger balls of awesome musicalosity. You need to purchase this. Pls don't download for free" - Folub

Now, my question to you is, what would you write?

The person who emails bsmrocks@googlemail.com with the best suggestion by 12pm on Friday 14th August 2009 will receive 500 free printed postcards from the lovely Awesome Badges, perfect for promoting your band/label/clubnight/face.

Get writing, people...

And check out www.awesomebadges.co.uk for all of your badge, sticker, flyer, t-shirt and other printed needs

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