Monday, 20 July 2009

A week?!

Wow, would you look at that, I haven't posted on here for a bloody week! I must admit that was - at least in part - a concious decision at first. I wanted to give my 'Bands: Don't Lie' piece some time at the top of the page to hopefully let the words seep into a few more minds. I'm proud to announce that in the 7 days since I haven't received another outrageous lie. Or not that I noticed, anyway. Maybe these bands are just getting better at it?

The other reasons for my slowness include my annual passing of years, which took place on Friday (I'm now dancier than 4), and Kevin Devine's album release (today!) and current UK tour taking up a lot of time. Not that it's a chore, I've really enjoyed working on this record and have many exciting plans about how we will continue to promote it over the coming months. If you haven't yet checked it out, I really, really can't encourage you enough. I've really enjoyed receiving emails from friends lately saying "actually, this record is amazing, you were right." I'm trying to avoid the I told you so's.

So, on Friday Jack Alcopop and I threw a joint party at The Cellar in Oxford. A great night and amazing to have so many friends in one place. This Town Needs Guns headlined, spewing out a number of old songs, as well as a few album tracks which rarely get a live outing. Kevin played a fine set, albeit slightly hidden below the chatter from the back of the room, and My First Tooth opened the preceedings, throwing in a brilliant cover of The Get Up Kids 'Mass Pike' along the way. Below is a live video of 'Cotton Crush' (I don't want to tell you who it's by, I've already mentioned his name too many times in this post) which has become one of my favourite songs in the world over the past few weeks.

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