Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Should I, as a record label, be encouraging this sort of behaviour?

Who cares?!

Download illegally ripped MP3s of Kevin Devine's live recordings from John Kennedy's show on XFM last night, along with his interview.

I stayed up and listened live, not through a wireless radio, but through my TV. What's the world coming to, eh?


James said...
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James said...


I'd be the guilty party who ripped those mp3s. I wasn't out to do anything except have an acoustic version of Brother's Blood. If it's a crime, it's one of passion.

Patiently waiting for my CD to reach across the pond.
- James

James said...

P.S. - I can have that material taken down if desired. I meant no harm.

Kev said...

Not a problem at all, James. I'm just glad that people who missed out have a second chance to hear the session.

I spoke to Kevin about this the other day and he asked for the link so he can post it on Myspace, so I'll forward it on