Thursday, 9 July 2009

Please be upstanding

And welcome Talons to the room.

If you're a fan of Big Scary Monsters Records releases, there's a good chance you like mathy music. There's also a fair chance you might enjoy a bit of post-rock. If these two statements are true, Talons may just be your new favourite band. An instrumental 6 piece from the rock n roll capital of the world, Hereford, they boast not one but two violins and sound a little bit like Yndi Halda covering These Arms Are Snakes. When you consider that some of them have just finished their A-levels this summer (which means being born in the 90's. FML), it makes you realise just how much potential these boys are carrying.

Debut single, 'The Pearl (Is So Upscale It Makes Dubai's Palm Look Like Milton Keynes)', is released on August 17th on a lovely little 7" record, which comes with free MP3s of the two tracks plus an exclusive remix. What's more, the first 100 copies bring with them a free, hand-numered Talons screenprint. Ooooh. You can pre-order now from or pick it up on their August tour - dates to be announced next week.

I'm listening to the single whilst typing this and it takes me back to the first time I heard the tracks. Three of us were sitting in a tiny motel room in Austin, Texas, playing a made-up card game, drunk on Thunderbird wine and regretting the massive turkey legs we ate at the rodeo earlier on, as our guts twitched and turned. A taxi driver had told us that Austin gets dangerous west of 35th Street. When asked where we were staying, he said "West of 35th Street." Hence the cheap wine and seedy room dwelling. An email popped up in my inbox with the two tracks attached. My tinny laptop speakers struggled to comprehend the sounds pumping through them as conversation stopped and heads nodded in tandem. "This is pretty good" said one. "No, this is awesome" said another. "This is a band we should be working with" said the third.

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