Sunday, 28 June 2009

Time flies when you're...

...travelling all over the country, visiting cities you've never been with no maps, directions or a clue, selling merch, setting up interviews, watching acoustic sessions being filmed by train lines, trying to catch up with old friends, making new ones, organising street team flyering, sleeping in student houses, dreaming of showering, hoping to catch a bit of Wimbledon, never managing to catch any of Wimbledon, trying to find Vitamin Water, arranging mid-tour CD deliveries and sweating your face off in amongst 2000+ people singing along with Brand New every night. Seriously no idea where the past week has gone but right now I'm at home after the longest (and most needed) of all sleeps. Kevin Devine headline show at the Barfly in London tomorrow - if you haven't got a ticket, buy one now. This will sell out - then it's all over for 2 weeks until he's back again with Manchester Orchestra. There's also the little matter of another (that's right, another) new BSM band to be announced as well as a new split release from a couple of your favourites. Oh and my inbox is packed to the rafters, but that's a problem with "Monday" written all over it. Today, I plan on doing absolutely nothing.

See you tomorrow, World.