Thursday, 18 June 2009

Summer 09

It's been a long time coming but better late than never, here's the tracklisting for the BSM Summer 09 Collection CD...

01. Mutiny On The Bounty - 1, 2, 3, 4, I Declare A Thumb War
02. Adebisi Shank - Shunk
03. Shapes - You Butcher
04. Kevin Devine - Another Bag of Bones
05. Mimas - SMOM (demo)
06. Talons - Comiserations Buff Orpington
07. Shoes And Socks Off - I'm A World Class Assassin
08. Colour - Unicorns (acoustic)
09. Pennines - Billie Jeans
10. Wintermute - Disco Loadout
11. Tubelord - I Punched A Lion In The Face (PABH cover)
12. Standish Smithwick - Finders Keepers
13. Blakfish - Economics
14. The Tupolev Ghost - Autodidact
15. Pulled Apart By Horses - E=MC Hammer (Richmanu Remix)


16. Copy Haho - This Retro Decade (Live Beastcast video)
17. Mimas - Cats On Fire live (promo video)
18. Shapes - Trampled By A Horse (bootleg promo video)

Not bad, eh? Personally I think it's quite a nice mix of our current crop of EP/album hits alongside many amazing unreleased gems. To say that there's something on here for everyone is a cliche, but ya know, there kinda is...

The CD is released on 13th July but anyone who has already subscribed to the 09 Collection, your CD will be with you before then, along with the limited edition tins, for those who missed out the first time around. If you haven't yet subscribed, you can do so right here. It costs £15 and you'll receive four CDs (including the above and the previously released Spring compilation) through the course of the year. Alternatively you can buy each CD separately for £5.

All four parts of the collection are limited to just 365 induvidually date-stamped copies, making every single one of them unique. You probably can't put a price on those kind of scene points, but if you could, I reckon it'd be way more than 15 quid.

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Shane said...

whats the chances of some of these amazing gig line ups getting more up northwest so i can come to them? :) ps: check out my band in my link bit