Thursday, 4 June 2009

Roll up, roll up

I've just had a call confirming that 85kg of Adebisi Shank vinyl will be here at 9am tomorrow. That's about 13 stone. It'll be the equivelant of one and a third me's standing in the same small area of floor in my little flat, for day after day after day. Any bored, 13 stone students reading this today: fancy doing a little floor safety experiment for me? It's in the comfort of your own home and the only required skill is patience. You in?

One of my favourite Oxford bands, Jonquil, have just posted a brilliant new song on their Myspace. They have a few shows coming up and I thoroughly recommend you go and check them out. You're probably gonna want to learn the words to 'Lions' first though. Wouldn't want to be the only one not singing along.

All sorts of logistical stresses are driving me crazy today. I can't talk about it, as it all revolves around a new release which won't be announced until next week at the earliest, but it'll all make sense shortly. What I will say is it involves lots of last minute (very exciting) gig booking, CD sleeves being produced on one continent, booklets being printed on another, travelling a combined few thousand miles between them, with a day of packing looming for me, throwing my planned trip to the opening day at Wimbledon into jeopardy. I guess I could just take them with me and set up a mini-production line on Henman Hill? Maybe I could even shift a few copies whilst there? I wonder if tennis enthusiasts will appreciate the music of our new secret signing? Perhaps free strawberries and Robinson's Orange will help sway their decision? Oh the possibilities.


Demented Demon. said...

Where you from, man? Nice blog.

Kev said...

I'm from Oxford. And thanks!