Saturday, 20 June 2009

New Kids On The Blog

I lost my way a little with blog features this year.

The football betting proved more difficult than expected and left me a whopping £5 in the hole, thanks to some frankly poor advice! (sorry, scapegoats)

My 'one day off a week' plan has pretty much stuck, although more often than not seen my time away from the computer spread across 5 days, enjoying an episode of The Shield here or there whilst scribbling ideas in my notebook, leaving nothing of real note to tell you about on here. Unless you're into gang bangers and foot-chopping Armenian's, that is.

The video mix-tapes are still running, if a little slowly, and there'll be a batch of those coming soon, same with our Awesome competitions, and the Spamarama posts will return as soon the rich African Doctor's and bizarre celebrity haters can battle their way through the sea of boring old Viagra salesmen.

But perhaps most disappointingly of all, thanks to my self-enforced once-a-month, bulk friend request approval system, the much-loved (at least by me) 'Myspace Fruit Of The Week' feature has dried up. The good news there, however, is that it will hopefully be returning soon, perhaps even in print format! Wowsers.

But, never one to know when to cut his losses, I've decided to start yet another new feature...

New Kids On The Blog

Like all of the best ideas (this blog included) it started as a name which I thought was kinda funny and has since been forced into an idea which may or may not work. Here's the 411...

Every now and again (I'm putting no strict timeframe on this one, for the reasons laid out above!) I'll be writing a few words and linking through to some awesome new bands. It'll be a mix of ones I see live, ones who get in touch, ones who win the 'demo of the month' award on our podcast, and most of all, ones you tell me about.

If you think there's a band I should hear, tell me. You can post comments here, email me, "Tweet" me, Facebook me, Myspace me, heck you can even stop me in the street. I love hearing new music, and recommendations from people who know and love our bands are always the best.

I'm away next week but will try to find a glimpse of wireless internet to post the first up here asap. In the mean time, let the tipping commence...

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Alex Fitzpatrick said...

fuck off nicking my 80s references