Wednesday, 17 June 2009

The day Punktastic saved my life

I was recently interviewed by Punktastic. We talked about the history of the label, defining moments, the future of music, the overheads involved in running a record label and lots of other things.

A very nice man - who'll remain un-named for security reasons - read said article, came to the BSM website, bought a t-shirt and subscribed to our 2009 Collection series of compilation CDs. He then followed this up with a charming email, referencing said interview, and mentioning that through his work in the lost property department of a very large company, he might be able to help me out. 2 days later, over £100 worth of 1st class stamps dropped through my door.

The power of the internet, hey? My new friend has just opened himself up to a free lifetime subscription of BSM merchandise and won the the starring role in my new favourite record label story.



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Typical - no-one ever sends me free stuff like this! (me being paul @ punktastic)