Monday, 8 June 2009

Agassi Shank

Another day another dollar. I'm finally getting around to writing my top 10 list of nu-metal songs for Clash magazine this week, in the run-up to Download and the biggest festival lineup this side of the Millenium. It's a real tricky one and I expect the afternoon to be written off by deliberation and many wonderful Youtube videos. I'll post the link to the finished article here when it's ready and will give you guys a REAL insight into the influences behind this little record label of mine!

Thanks to everyone who has read my Punktastic interview and commented on it so far. I'm not going to answer the embarrassing release question, but if you want to have a stab at it, go right ahead.

I've just posted a couple of Adebisi Shank MP3s to download on our Friend of The Family website. I fully recommend you strap on your dancing shoes and give them a listen. Oh and buy the 10" too, they arrived on Friday and look amazing!

Exciting news coming this week. Look out on Wednesday for something non-BSM but absolutely huge, and then hopefully on Friday we'll be following it with a little, unrelated, announcement of our own. Good times ahead, people. Good times.

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