Thursday, 2 April 2009

The thick of things

I've been home for just over 48 hours and already need another holiday. This is always the problem with going away.

My brother has put together a little video for 'Trampled By A Horse', the first track from Shapes forthcoming EP, 'The Pasture, The Oil'. You should watch it right now, before you get distracted by TV, Facebook and the other pitfalls of 21st century living...

That was good, wasn't it? Look out for more bootleg promo videos coming soon. I'm just waiting for Wintermute to approve an idea for a track from their 'Robot Works' album and then I'll post it on here, hopefully sometime next week.

Whilst I was away my second column for the lovely The Line of Best Fit magazine went live online. It's all about my top 5 Swedish bands and also features a lovely little TV interview I did whilst in Sweden a couple of years ago, which you might mistake for a popular Fast Show sketch, but trust me, it's real. The thing was aired at 6pm on their equivalent of BBC2 and, much to my dismay, spelt my name wrong. Still, could be worse, they may have spelt it like the Duty Free people at Newark airport. Check the angry photo, snapped alongside a rather disturbing fetish ad found in the Village Voice newspaper...

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