Wednesday, 22 April 2009


Just a quick one because I'm itching to get outside and soak up some sun with my notepad to nurse my brain, currently overflowing with ridiculous ideas.

We've finally announced the signing of Luxembourg's finest, Mutiny On The Bounty! Their amazing debut album, 'Danger Mouth' (I'm still not sure if that's a clever play on the popular cartoon of the early 90's title, must remember to ask) will be released here in the UK on June 1st. The band are playing a small handful of UK shows in May and will be back for a full tour in August.

Because we're such bloody nice people we've gone and made THREE tracks from the album available to download for free from our Friend of The Family website. So stop dilly dallying and go and do that, alright?


Ryan said...

awesome :D such a sick band, surprised you didnt have them on the roster(?) earlier ;D

Michael said...

They sound excellent

Kev said...

Glad you guys are fans, they really are an awesome band. Can't wait to see em play again