Monday, 6 April 2009

I don't like Monday's

I'm still struggling with my sleep since returning from the US. This happens everytime. I really should've just drawn a big line through the next two weeks in my diary and writen it off as 'recovery time'.

Right now I'm uploading a little bootleg promo video for 'Bad Company In A Sauna' by Wintermute. It was edited by my brother (also responsible for this Shapes video) and features a fairly well known pop video, can you name it? You should be able to, it's a classic after all. As per usual I'm using blog writing as a form of keeping myself company whilst the Youtube status bar dallies along. I don't think I have the mental capacity to handle too much multi-tasking today.

In related Wintermute news: You can (and should) pre-order their forthcoming debut album, 'Robot Works', from Native's 'We Delete; Erase' EP is also now available for the bargain price of just £4.

Listen to Talons. One of my favourite unsigned bands around.

Both This Town Needs Guns and Blakfish are in Europe right now, the lucky sods. The former are on their way from Oslo to Vänersborg (Sweden) right now, whilst the latter are living it up in Berlin. I'm thinking of going to a European music festival this summer but can't decide which. A couple of years back we went to Dour in Belgium which was awesome, despite being the hottest 5 days of my life, rendering us unable to move between the hours of 6am and 6pm each day, and the fact that everyone's tents were robbed on a dairly basis. Thinking about it, perhaps it wasn't that awesome. I'll cross Dour off of this years list.

It's done. Enjoy:


Front Room Records said...

Kev! Check out Roskilde Festival in Denmark possibly the best 8 days of my life.
4 days of festival warmup and 4 days of awesome music!!

MonkAre said...

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Kev said...

So Youtube spotted and removed the Wintermute video in less than two minutes. Impressive stuff

Vimeo aren't so smart...