Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Home sweet home

I'm back at my trusty computer. It's good to be home. A solid 12 hour sleep last night and my body, for the moment at least, feels pretty much back into the swing of all things GMT.

The past two weeks have been amazing. The intense fun of SXSW and the bizarre madness of the rodeo in Austin, dancing on a bar in Houston, soaking up the European atmosphere and taking a swamp tour of New Orleans, the ghost town that is Birmingham, Alabama, getting drunk in a shopping centre in Atlanta, hanging with Andrew WK and remembering why I love New York so much. A million and one in-jokes along the way and the group unconciously falling into two groups divided by sleeping arrangements (I'm sure Bed Buddy Ben is enjoying not having me stealing the cover anymore), nothing has felt normal since I left home some 16 days ago. If you haven't already read through the adventures you can do so below. I'll post links to photos when everyone gets around to sorting them out. Boy do I miss our pimped up little car, though.

Today is my first day back in the 'office'. I'm trying to ease back into everything but now have the unnerving task of responding to a few hundred emails, along with the much more exciting job of putting a few new plans into action. And to think I considered the release schedule busy before I left!

My brother has knocked up a brilliant little video for Shapes, which I'll be posting online today or tomorrow. It's the first in a series he's working on for us and they'll all be finding their way onto the internet over the coming weeks.

The Tupolev Ghost are still out on tour and will be heading to Ireland today. From all reports they're having a great time so if you can make it to one of the remaining dates (check them here) please do go and say hi. They're a friendly bunch.

I better crack on with the emails and catch-up fun. I'm also counting down the minutes until 12pm and the close of the April Fool's window. I'm too gullible for days like this and have a tendency to fall for ridiculous news stories and pranks way too often.


Tom said...

so confused...why don't more people read this blog and comment on it's wonderfulness?

Kev said...

Thanks Tom!