Monday, 16 March 2009

Out of Office - Texas!

The holiday (if you can call it that? Which you can, but I won't) starts here

I'm on the bus to London right now. Part one of my epic 8 leg journey to Austin, the self-proclaimed capital of live music. Right now I'm bugging everyone around with my loud typing, but couldn't give a damn as my iPod is set to 'pop punk' and my spirits are higher than Pete Doherty.

Myself and Ivano are sharing a taxi to the airport with Alex from Holy Roar Records tomorrow morning. It's currently booked for 4:15am which is less than pleasant. It turns out that pretty much everyone I know who's heading to SXSW from London is on the same flight, which is cool, although potentially disastorous as any accidents could spell the end for the UK independent music scene in one foul swoop. After the "Belfast incident" I've checked and double-checked every airport I'll be visitng over the next couple of weeks. Our plans for the coming days have enough room for mishaps without my neglegence making things worse.

First things first, I've got a bus and three trains before I reach tonights destination of New Cross in London. Once that's out of the way we'll start to think about Texas.

The massive State. Not the band. Although this was pretty awesome...

See you in Austin!

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