Tuesday, 24 March 2009


It seems wrong that I'm currently writing this from the floor of my hotel room in Houston, the 4th biggest city in the US, yet I've seen pretty much none of it. After a difficult drive around the city (so many lanes!) trying to find somewhere to stay, we eventually stumbled across an absolute goldmine in the form of The Magnolia, a 4 star residence which offered free beer, cookies and milk, a swimming pool and a giant bedroom with 2 double beds, perfect for jumping between. Which we did. Gleefully.

Our night in Houston turned into a huge mess, having stumbled across an amazing clothes shop-come-bar called Dean's where the staff gave us free shots called Bob Sagget's and their iPod included the first Hundred Reasons record. We met people, played drinking games, I walked on the bar, set fire to my thumb and turned it grey. Ben puked several times and has "Kev, are you on Myspace, Facebook or Twitter?" scrawled on his arm, which we don't understand but he ensures me it was funny at the time. There's an empty tiny beer on the floor which nobody can remember drinking. Wouldn't be a problem but it's from the minibar and it's old muggins credit card on this room. Brilliant. I hope it was me who drank it.

All in all, Houston gets a big thumbs up, the whole 2 streets, 3 bars and one hotel we saw, at least.

Simon says hi.

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