Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Calling all budding designers

Stolen from the main news page:

The long overdue UK release of Native's brilliant EP, 'We Delete; Erase', is right around the corner, but we need your help!

Having spoken to the band we all thought it would be kind of cool to give the CD different packaging to that of the original US release, and even cooler than that: we want you to design it for us! So over the next two weeks we're looking for you to get your pens, paper, glitter and camera's out and make us some nice, new artwork.

All we need for now is the front cover (saved as a jpg, at least 1400 x 1400 pixels) emailed to bsmrocks@googlemail.com and we'll pick our favourite one. We'll then contact the winner with the rest of the info needed to complete the design, which will be printed up and released in the UK on 13th April. There's no brief at all. You can draw a picture of your cat, pour paint on your Gran and tell her to say "cheese" or whatever you think would represent a band that sounds like this

The winner will receive a free copy of the CD along with a Native t-shirt and some other BSM goodies. Deadline is 16th March and our decision is final, so don't even think about it!

Update: NME.com have written a little news piece about the above where you can also watch a Native video and download a track from the EP. Related question: Which Sugarbabe is the neediest?

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