Saturday, 28 March 2009


A super-fast blog about Atlanta:

Its rained since we arrived, looks nice, in a modern, commerce sort of way, basketball ticket touts seriously over-value their stock, but there's nothing more fun than offering them 10% of what they're looking for, because frankly you don't care if you see the game or not. Technically we lost, but then again we're not the ones still clenching a bunch of worthless tickets. Instead, we spent our time much more wisely, getting drunk on Budweiser in the CNN Centre food court, right up until closing time. It was like an episode of Saved By The Bell, but the only moral ending was that Twix's are bloody brilliant and pubs are easier to find in England.

There's a huge storm, tornadoes and all, billowing around the US right now. We watched the news on a huge TV screen in the mall yesterday but as we don't know exactly where we are in the world, we're not sure how badly it could hurt us. We're going for ignorant positivity and are heading to the airport in a bit anyway, with our flight to New York booked for 3.30pm. Hopefully see you there!

Or here, if you fancy a beer in Atlanta...?

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Anonymous said...

I was there a few months ago. It was hot, and I couldn't find a cheap soda anywhere. Or a bathroom...