Monday, 23 February 2009

The Stereo Is Bleeding

It dawned on me over the weekend just how many new releases we have coming up. The vast majority of my music listening time is always filled with BSM bands, but it's absolute extremes right now. Not even God's iTunes, Spotify, can stand this pace. Apart from Speaking of Heroes (my first emo love, re-discovered this week) it's the battle of the 'Monsters as the new releases flood in and all vy for speaker time. Here's a quick round-up of what you have to look forward to:

Copy Haho
I've been banging on about this band for well over a year and their first EP for us is finally out. It's available via iTunes now, will be in shops next Monday and mailorders should have started arriving at the end of last week. I can't tell you just how much you need this band in your life. I'm at the point where I can't imagine going more than a week for the rest of my life without listening to these five pop hits.

The Tupolev Ghost
Our next release. Their self-titled mini-album is released at the end of March and their DC-inspired rock anthems have been tearing new wholes in the side of my head for a few weeks now. We have lots of plans for these guys over the next year or two so get used to it!

I loved their first EP and although the new one isn't yet mastered, the mixes are sounding brilliant and I think we could be looking at the next band to have a crack at the unfortunate hole left by Meet Me In St Louis. I'll post a new track on here as soon as one's ready and the EP will be out in May.

Still waiting on the final final masters for this one but it's an album packed full of jangly indie hooks and catchy choruses. One of the most pop records we've released in recent times. I hope to get a couple of tracks up online for you all to hear very soon. 'Dead Or Not...' is, of course, still available from

They buggered off to Seattle for a month to record this and having heard demos of most of the new songs, we were confident they'd pull something out of the bag. As it turns out, they ripped the bag to shreds and pissed all over the remains. The whole thing sounds huge. 'We Beg, We Borrow, We Steal' is possibly my favourite Blakfish song yet and we'll all be singing "it could be worse, we could be dead, I don't know how we survived but all I know is, we did" by the end of the summer. Look out for very exciting news about this release, coming soon. It'll be out at the end of May, that's all I'll tell you for now.

Technically no longer with us, another lucky label will be releasing their album later on this year, but having heard 3/4 of the record I can tell you it's going to be a big hit. 'Your Bed Is Kind Of Frightening' and 'Cows To The Left' show off a sweet side the guys have only previously hinted at and old demo track, 'Propellor', gets a lovely re-working. It's the record we hoped they would make, you're seriously going to love this!

On top of these, the aforementioned Speaking Of Heroes, the brilliant new demos from Talons and the forthcoming Kevin Devine album (watch the video below - incredible!), my speakers have never been so spoilt for choice. Forget all of the financial worries and negative vibes going around, 2009 is the year for great new music. You'll see...

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