Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Sometimes you receive nice emails

To: Kevin Douch
From: Jordie Bokor
Subject: Meet Me In St. Louis are the greatest band of all time

I first heard Meet Me In St. Louis when a friend sent me "Why thankyou Suzie". I got the E.P and it had outstanding moments of brilliance woven within; yet it wasn't until I bought "Variations On Swing" January last year that I truly fell in love. The sharp twisting turns, the raw power, speed and emotion crammed into single songs and the technical prowess of the musicians all combined made it the best album I have ever bought. I genuinely think that it's the best punk/math/post-hardcore album ever released and when people want a seminal album from this genre they should not turn to "Relationship of Command" or "Worship and Tribute" or "The Shape of Punk To Come" by ATD-I, Glassjaw and Refused. They should turn to Variations on Swing.

I have written this because perhaps you don't get many thankyous (perhaps you do haha) but for this album ,and all the other brilliant releases, BSM deserves one big time. Also here is a poorly drawn comic attatched to thankyou for releasing Variations on Swing because without it the hours I've spent listening to it would have been spent on less productive things like schoolwork or getting a part-time job.

Cheers Jordie x


Börneblogger said...

Quite touching!
Are those tears in your eyes, Kev?


Kev said...

No... sniff... no tears here...

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Couldn't have said it better.