Friday, 27 February 2009

Papa's got a brand new band

Hi World
Sorry for being incommunicado the last few days, I've been "living it up" (or so I'd like you to believe) in our nation's capital. Although to be fair, for all of my tiredness and hangover struggles since returning home yesterday evening, the previous couple of days proved very successful. I had five meetings which included agreeing an exciting split release with another label, chatting about making a very long-overdue new signing (you'll know what I mean when we announce it), making plans for our forthcoming US roadtrip, having a very interesting conversation about digital marketing and blogs (ok well I think that stuff's interesting, shut up!) and chatting to the guys at Hassle as we make big plans for the forthcoming Blakfish record, which we'll be co-releasing this summer. To round it all off, the 'fish played Old Blue Last Wednesday night alongside Shield Your Eyes and the best band in Ireland, U2. No, wait... I mean Adebisi Shank. Sorry, Radio One's relentless promotion of Bono and his merry mates is obviously polluting my mind.

You won't believe how addicted I am to the Shapes EP right now. Seriously. If I didn't have bills to pay and a band to stay on the right side of, I'd upload it right now with the words: "Told you..." but I'm afraid you're just gonna have to go on waiting. We're going to put a track up online in a week or two though, and it just so happens to be my favourite from the CD. I hope you all like it as much as I do or I'm gonna feel a little bit silly after all of this gushing praise.

Have you watched the below Kevin Devine video? I really hope so.

Right now I'm busy teasing Twitter about a new signing we've made. Well, it's technically not 'new', as such. We've had this release agreed for over 6 months now, but it's been a case of trying to work in into a schedule that works for both the band and us. We've finally managed it and as I'm about to break the news to our lovely Tweeps I might as well post it here too: It's none other than (eerie) Indiana's very own, Native. You might remember them from many Shapes-esque glowing blog posts last year?

The 'We Delete; Erase' EP will be out in the UK on April 20th and the band are hitting the studio with Chris Common (who just knocked up the Blakfish record) the same month to record their debut album for our friends, Sargent House. Here's a video of them doing their thang:

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