Sunday, 8 February 2009

The only way is up

Somehow, even with a super team of music industry insiders and brilliant fans, we lost our bet this weekend. Not only does this mean I have to wait another week before being declared 'filthy rich', but it's time to start pointing fingers...

Below is a run-down of our bet and the scores from each game. As you can see, the difficult weather conditions ravaged our selections, leaving us with a somewhat disappointing 5 correct predictions, 3 incorrect and a massive 7 postponements.

Man City - Middlesborough - 1-0
Watford -
Southampton - P-P
Tranmere -
Leyton Orient - 0-0
Leicester -
Oldham - 0-0
Lewes - Wrexham - 0-2
Scunthorpe -
Cheltenham - P-P
Brentford -
Chester - 3-0
Rochdale -
Morecambe - P-P
Hereford - Brighton - P-P
Southport -
Hyde - 2-0
Stalybridge -
Blyth - P-P
Gateshead -
Fleetwood - P-P
Stranraer - Brechin - 0-3
Elgin - Dumbarton - P-P
Alloa - Ayr - 3-2

I've looked back and carefully studied everyone's tips, leaving me with just one conclusion to be drawn: It's all Jack from Alcopop's fault. With his ultra-confident tips of Tranmere and his "banker" Leicester swaying me, both were entered into the final bet and both, as you can see above, came away with 0-0 bore draws. Poor show, Jack, we'll be looking for a vast improvement next time!

Coming up

As many of the leagues take a break next week it's international time and a whole new world of gambling opportunities. I'll be looking for advice and tips later this week as we take our second attempt at winning a fortune and purchasing the music industry, and will have a number of new industry insiders giving us their opinions too.

Also coming soon will be a league table of our tipsters as we separate the weak (Jack) from the less weak, meaning we all know exactly who's letting the side down. Pressure's on now, lads!


saam keephopeinside said...

re:Tranmere - never a good idea to back a team up against a side with a new manager. All the Orient players would have been looking to impress the new gaffer and justify their place in the team.

Kev said...

Oh heck! I didn't know Orient had a new manager - that'll teach me not to research properly

Are you a fan of one of the sides, Saam?

fred said...

Hay i said Chelsea draw and Villa Win, not bad shame the oxford game was called off.