Thursday, 5 February 2009

Like Donkey Kong

I'm off to the airport to fly to Belfast for Unconvention bitterly early tomorrow morning so thought it best I post this tonight.

Thanks once again to all who contributed to this. The outcome is a 50p stake (with Skybet) on odds of 2733/1! We may as well start celebrating the victory now. It's in the bag, lads!

The bet

Man City - Middlesborough
Watford - Southampton
Tranmere - Leyton Orient
Leicester - Oldham
Lewes - Wrexham
Scunthorpe - Cheltenham
Brentford - Chester
Rochdale - Morecambe
Hereford - Brighton
Southport - Hyde
Stalybridge - Blyth
Gateshead - Fleetwood
Stranraer - Brechin
Elgin - Dumbarton
Alloa - Ayr

I decided to leave the highly contentious fixture of Blackburn v Villa out as it was a real split decision looking through everyones opinions, and despite pretty much everyone tipping Liverpool for an easy away win against Pompey, I decided to give that a last minute veto. Sorry! Something about it just doesn't sit right with me and the loss of Gerrard could be a big blow for the Merseysiders. Gavin and Peter's knowledge of the lower leagues has played a big part in the placing of this bet and Angry Boy's Scottish tips could prove invaluable.


If we win the above bet, I will personally turn up at the door of everyone who contributed a winning selection (I really hope nobody lives the other side of the world!) and hand deliver a package of any BSM releases you choose, before taking you out for a slap-up meal at the nearest budget pub chain branch. I'll also post your photo on this blog and from that moment forward will pre-fix your name with the word "winner"

For everyone else who is reading this but didn't contribute to the (almost certain) win, I'll repeat the promise of last Sunday's 20% off sale, with an extra 10% discount if you send a tip for the following weeks fixtures.


Anonymous said...

Definite wins here; I'll be waiting by the door for my free record next week!

Gavin In The City said...

It's like buying money!

Daniel Malling Beck said...

Always bet on Blackburn... They might not always win but........