Thursday, 12 February 2009

Hangovers and headaches

I'm feeling so antisocial today. Thankfully I work from home, on my own, where I can sit and stew without anyone even noticing my existence. A two-day hangover is never an easy thing to do battle with but when it's aided by a lengthy to-do list it becomes a near-unstoppable force. I'm combating it with the fond memories of the fine Copy Haho and Shoes And Socks Off gigs from the previous two evenings and the excitement of planning a new release. These things take my pain down to a slightly more manageable 8/10 on the headache scale. 10 being 'kill me now', 1 being 'why am I even awake?'

Apologies to anyone who suffered my "I hate London" rant last night. There's something about busy nights in that city which send me out of control. I guess that only accomplishing one half an hour meeting and a very quick drink in a pub in the space of 5 hours is justification enough for my anger, although I must retain at least part of the blame for any transport cock-ups. Note to self: Think about where you're going next time. Don't get sidetracked by a woman laughing to herself on the tube and unwittingly get off a stop too early. Idiot idiot idiot!

In better news... It's Thursday today which means only 48 hours until we have another crack at winning a footballing fortune. Stay tuned, sports fans

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