Friday, 9 January 2009

Video Mix-Tape #1 - Copy Haho

I promised this and then bloody forgot all about it! And I call myself a blogger! Psst.

Over the coming months we're going to try and give you a glimpse into the seedy little minds of our bands via the only reliable entrance: their music taste. We'll be asking each group to give us their top 5 music videos, which should help you shed a few otherwise boring minutes from your working day. And seeing as it's Friday, I'm sure you won't needs your arms twisting to put down your tools and spend a moment enjoying these musical treats.

First up is Scotland's favourite, Copy Haho...

1. Michael Jackson - Blame It on The Boogie (above)
2. Dinosaur Jr - Freak Scene
3. Wham - Club Tropicana
4. The Flaming Lips - Turn It On
5. Pavement - Cut Your Hair

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