Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Sub of The Day

I'm off to London for a couple of meetings today, although one shouldn't technically be deemed that as it's really just me meeting my friend (who also happens to work in the music industry) in Subway, where we plan to use my buy one get one free vouchers and make plans for our post-SXSW road trip. I'm leaving Oxford at 10am, arriving around 12, two meetings and heading back at 3, to be home again just after 5. That's pretty much a whole working day, yet I'm only actually at my destination for 3 hours. Go figure. Thankfully I now have a laptop so will be taking advantage of the free wi-fi aboard the Oxford Tube so it'll be emails emails emails today.

The America trip is shaping up nicely, however. We've decided to go 'off-road' and see the real America, foregoing New York, LA etc and staying Central. The plan is to hire a car and drive roughly 1000 miles east, through Houston, New Orleans and many other wonderful places before reaching Atlanta, Georgia where we'll fly home. To my slight dismay, the flight from there to London actually requires a transfer in Houston, our first destination, which in my mind feels a little negative. Kinda like we're re-tracing steps instead of seeing new sights, but then again, an airport's an airport. We're not exactly talking the 8th wonder of the world here.

I need an idea for what to do on my day off this week. At the moment I'm leaning towards taking Friday off to gamble and win enough money to pay off all of my debts. A great plan in theory but possibly a little harder than I've just made it sound, and judging from previous attempts at this feat, a financially rocky one too.

Coolio's odds are back down to 24/1. Gangster!

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