Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Out of Office - Wetherspoons!

It's Wednesday morning and my Jamaican rum hangover is causing me minor grievance. I'm sure everyone has their own cures to remedy this situation, mine is to get out of the office and go to Wetherspoons.

Today I've decided to pack up my laptop, notepad and what's left of my dignity and head down to the local branch of everyone's favourite budget bars. Having recently announced even lower prices - including a 99p pint and a series of £2.99 dishes - a tenner should see me through the 'working' day with two square meals and the hair of the dog. What it does for productivity, we'll have to see.

Last weeks day off gambling wasn't quite the fiscal success I'd dreamed of, lets hope today proves more fruitful, although horrid visions of old men wildly losing control of their drink-addled bladders and my laptop sticking to the IPA-soaked table don't fill me with optimism.

Wish me luck!

Updates - taken from Twitter

11:26am - Decided the best way to beat my rum based hangover is to drink more. Sailor Jerry and coke: £1.29. Full English breakfast: £2.69. Notepad out. It's go time!

11:45am - 2 old men debating "who needs a smack" and some toff students discussing port. These groups need to meet. Wetherspoons 4eva

12:12pm - Old woman just thanked her 80+ year old husband for lunch then, with a nudge and a wink, said "I'll try and pay you back tonight" - DISGUSTING!

12:46pm - Bored of 'Spoons, going for a one man pub crawl around Oxford. 2 pages of release ideas so far. Moving onto vodka to mix things up a bit

12:57pm - Student in the corner just described You Me At Six as "indie metal." Where are the guys from earlier and their "smack list" when you need them?

13:44pm - Feel like shouting "I'm more drunk than you" in the High Street but my smug, glazed eyes say it all. Oxford has enough scruffy drunks anyway

15:10pm - It's all over! I had one too many good ideas and opted to come home and act on them rather than buy another drink. It was fun whilst it lasted

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