Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Out Of Office - NFL!

Does anyone else feel just a little bit stupid posting things with festive stamps after Christmas? I'm living in a world of fear that the postman is going to track me down and shout "get with the times" or some equally 80's insult at me, probably before flushing my head down the toilet and stealing my lunch money.

Anyway, today's not the day to be dwelling on such work-related nightmares because today is my first day off of the year! That's right, it's Wednesday 7th January and I'm already having a break. Those of you who have seen my previous Out Of Office blog will already know about my plan of working 4 day weeks this year, those of you who hadn't seen it, you know now. I'm my own boss and am putting my foot down here.

Out Of Office - Week One

As it's too cold for this little scaredy cat to go outside and do anything practical I've decided to lock myself away and do something I should've done a year ago... Learn the rules of American football!

I've been watching NFL pretty religiously this season, after getting caught up in the Superbowl hysteria whilst in New York last January and then later becomming obsessed with the TV series Friday Night Lights. Every Sunday I've sat on my sofa and made confused faces as big men run around a field, smashing each other into the ground, pounding chests and dancing like lunatics. As you dig deeper you realise there's a wealth of tactics and strategies, far in advance of the macho exterior of the sport, and for the first time ever, thanks to the book Gemma bought me for Christmas and the beauty of Sky+, today I'm going to sit down and watch ALL of last weekends play-off games, with my book at hand to help me with any confusion. By lunchtime I'll be an expert, by the end of the day I'll be applying for the vacant coaching roles. You'll see. It'll be goodbye music industry and hello manly chest pounding!

Seeya tomorrow

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