Saturday, 31 January 2009

The house always wins

As mentioned below I have a bit of a serious week coming up. You might have noticed my touring schedule begins from tomorrow but I've managed to confirm a last minute addition:

31.01 - Work , gamble, work work work

This preceeds Sunday's similar looking schedule of 'work work work'

Gemma's gone to visit her mum so I've been left alone with Weezer's red album, Soccer Saturday, a daunting to do list and nothing but junk food in the house. To make things a little more interesting I've bet on invested in Emile Heskey to score for Villa against his former side, Wigan, today. My £2 stands to win me £4 profit which will buy me two pieces of the Colonel's finest tonight. I've also placed a bet for you.

20% of everything

Following on from my pledge to give away £50 of free CDs if Coolio triumphed in the recent (clearly rigged. Ulrika, seriously?!) Celebrity Big Brother - which he didn't - I've switched back to a game I know a little bit more about and will be offering 20% off of everything at all day Sunday if the following teams win me my 50p accumulator:

Man City win away at Stoke
Arsenal beat West Ham at home
Aston Villa beat Wigan at home

Bolton and Tottenham draw
Fulham and Portsmouth draw
Hull beat West Brom at home
Middlesborough beat Blackburn at home
Man United beat Everton at home

I'll be following the action and posting updates on Twitter so join me there if you want in on the action.

What do you think?

In future weeks I'll be listing certain fixtures on here and asking for your opinions before placing a bet, with greater offers and prizes to those who contribute winning predictions. There's no in team after all. And I suck at gambling!

Check back soon to lend a hand and get us off to a winning start

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