Monday, 5 January 2009


Morning campers

Do you ever have those really odd mornings where things don't seem quite right and you've watched so many episodes of 24 over the weekend that you can't help but think the events are all connected and some sort of conspiracy is to blame? Today I awoke a full 2 hours earlier than usual, unable to get back to sleep, found the curtain from the bedroom window had fallen down and I then discover it had been snowing. Weird. Possibly not the workings of a terrorist group, however. Not unless they've really run out of things to mess with.

This week I'm going to kick off a few new features on Blog Scary Monsters. 2009 is all about structure, you see..

Out Of Office - As mentioned below, this will see me taking one day off a week in the hope of rescuing my love for this job and finding new creative inspiration. Your ideas are still welcome. Thanks to those who've emailed or left comments so far.

Top 5 Videos - Each month we'll be asking a couple of bands to submit a list of their top 5 videos. This could be their all-time favourites, their best loved nu-metal anthems, the greatest Icelandic bands ever or anything else they desire. Copy Haho will be first up, in a couple of days time.

Competitions - In association with Awesome Badges we'll be giving away a small prize every month. So if you fancy winning 100 badges for your band, or 100 bottle openers with your phone number on to give out to girls on the bus, come back soon...

As ever, this blog is a democracy (kinda) so if there's something you'd like to see, hear or read, let me know.

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