Tuesday, 6 January 2009


Are you watching Celebrity Big Brother? Of course you're not, it's bollocks. But just in case you are, do me a favour and lend your support to Coolio. This isn't quite a call of arms to support my fellow music industry worker, it's purely selfish. Selfish and fiscal.

After winning a glorious tenner on that dappy Micky from EastEnders winning the Celebrity jungle programme a couple of months ago I've decided to roll 3 of my profited pounds onto Mr Gangsta's Paradside to walk out of the house triumphant, with a prize of nearly £50 awaiting me, and no doubt a few thousand extra record sales for him.

The odds of the rapper who likes to say "Shaka Zulu" a lot winning have already halved since the start of the show making him second favourite just behind Mini-Me, who is slowly dropping as the public's slightly disrespectful 'aaaarrrr, ain't he cute' attitude starts to wear off, something which will be gone completely when they realise he's actually a dirty little sexual beast.

So, what's in this for you?

Well, how about this... If Coolio goes on to win Celebrity Big Brother 2009 I will match my gambling winnings by giving away that amount of free BSM CDs. That's not a bad deal really as there's no leg-work involved for you, apart from your well wishes and perhaps the odd text vote, should you feel the need.

Here's a video to inspire you:

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