Friday, 23 January 2009

BSM '09 Collection

I've been busy updating this morning with details of our new series of the compilations, The '09 Collection. Through the course of the year we'll be releasing four new CDs, each one featuring new, rare, unreleased, live and remixed tracks from all of our bands. The discs will be available to purchase separately for £5 each or you can subscribe to the whole series for just £15, for which you will also receive a collector's edition tin to hold the four comps, plus a number of other gifts and offers.

The first in the series, 'Spring', is released on 23rd February and includes all sorts of exclusives including Mimas covering This Town Needs Guns hit '26 Is Dancier Than 4', who return with 'Japanese Ultra Violence', previously unreleased in the UK. There's a brilliant old Meet Me In St Louis demo and Blakfish offer an exclusive album demo as well as an amazing video of a Limp Bizkit cover live from a house party last year (plus a strange phone recording singing a medley of Tubelord songs down the phone in a lounge style!). Pulled Apart By Horses also get involved with the covers, taking a stab at Rage Against The Machine, whilst many other bands (including new boys Copy Haho, The Tupolev Ghost and Wintermute) offer up tracks from forthcoming releases. All in all it's a fine little collection of gems and oddities!

Some of you may remember me asking for feedback a few months ago regarding compilations? I received an amazing amount of support through the comments on this blog and people who read my plea and sent emails full of ideas. I wanted to do my very best to accomodate as many of your wishes as possible into this range and am delighted with the outcome, and do hope you all will be too.

As a token of my appreciation for helping us realise this idea, I'm offering all of our blog readers a subscription to the series for a reduced price of just £13. This offer is only valid for 24 hours so will be removed Saturday afternoon. After that point I'm afraid it'll be back up to the normal £15.

Click here to subscribe for £13 - Offer expired, thanks to all of you who took advantage

Thanks again


Front Room Records said...

Kev that sounds amazing! You really have incorporated every idea into one package.
As soon as payday comes i'll be putting in my order :)

Kev said...

Thanks a lot, Tom. Hope you like the CDs

Oh and I forgot to mention in my blog post, they're all date-stamped, so if you send me an email with a choice of 2 or 3 dates (just day and month) I'll do my best to sort it for you


Anonymous said...

is the MMISL demo Corey Fieldman? or another song.