Friday, 30 January 2009

American isn't a place

I'm sitting here watching Quiz Call on Channel 5. A fat presenter fields phonecalls from mostly barmy Scottish women who are hanging the extortionate expense and calling in to guess films with a place name in the title. That's it, it isn't difficult. Examples of correct answers thus far include Memphis Belle, Crocodile Dundee and Beverly Hills Cop. Easy. Here are some of my favourite incorrect answers:

The Italian Job
Space 1999
American Beauty
8 Mile

For the love of God, It's 1.43am and well over an hour ago I vowed not to go to sleep until someone wins this stupid contest... Would someone please help me out! Dying slowly and painfully here...


Anonymous said...

Sleepless in Seattle.
This is England.
Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

I'm spent.

Kev said...

Excellent suggestions, Coxy

I think I heard about 20 people ring in with Sleepless In Seattle, despite the fat guys tip of "if we've already rejected that answer, maybe try a new one when you ring in"

8 Mile still cracks me up