Thursday, 1 January 2009


Happy new year y'all!

Best news of 2009 thus far: I don't have a hangover. Worst news: I think I have a new cold kicking in whilst still battling the old one! How is that even possible?! Perhaps this will be the year when Kevin Douch finally defies modern day science? It's about time too, if you ask me.

So how was your new years eve? I actually had a great time. I'm not really a massive supporter of the night, often favouring a quiet one with friends rather than a giant, over-inflated, ridiculously expensive one in a packed room of strangers, so making the short walk round the corner to a house which was soon to be trashed by 6 of our closest drunks, a Nintendo Wii, a bag of surprisingly loud party poppers and a bucket of chicken suited me nicely. We had a midnight bundle, which is an idea I can't see catching on, and then like the sickly old man I am, retired with Gemma to drink Lemsip and watch 24. Now that's out of the way, it's time to get this new year show on the road.


I've been in two minds whether or not to make resolutions this year (apart from 'use more sub-headings in blog posts' and 'learn to tidy up after myself'). Part of me knows it's a waste of time as I'll spend longer writing the list than I will following it, the other, hopelessly optimistic part, says I should give it another crack. A fair compromise could be to come up with one all-encompassing rule which will cover every possible resolution I could dream up, whilst still being loose enough for me to break yet justify a winning feeling in a years time. A good rule is: Have more fun in 2009

A would-be Andrew WK song title, I think this pretty much ticks every box. It's not that I didn't enjoy 2008, I just feel as though I perhaps wasted a few opportunities, lost sight of a few important goals, put too much un-warranted pressure on myself and gave too much consideration to finances. So 2009 is going to change. For a start, I'm planning on cutting down to 4 day working weeks, as briefly mentioned below. Over my few short years of self-employment I've worked myself into a mindset of 24/7 shifts, with a severe feeling of guilt if I'm not at my computer by 9am and giving myself more than a 20 minute lunch break. It's time to re-discover why I love this job.

As the first step in this plan I have decided that one day a week, every week, I'll be taking myself out of the office environment where I hope to broaden horizons, learn new things and hopefully watch the skies turning slowly back to blue. And it's not just a purely selfish exercise, believe it or not. Looking back over the past 12 months I firmly believe that all of my best ideas have come when I've taken myself out of my comfortable surroundings (a well known trick to help cure writers block and other creative inconveniences) and my most productive days are the ones which have followed time away from the office.


As always, I'm asking for your help. I now have 52 extra days off which need filling and would like some suggestions as to what I should do. Everything will of course be detailed within this blog, and I'm looking for ideas both related to my job/the music industry, as well as completely removed from it. Some early thoughts include:
  • Learn to drive with BSM (something, at the age of 25, which is long overdue)
  • Ride a horse (I don't like this one but promised Gem I'd include it)
  • Learn to play a musical instrument (could make for some painful interesting videos)
  • Spend a day record shopping (which shops are doing what, how can we use that, etc etc)
  • Take a day to read (books, magazines, anything which isn't on a screen!)

My day off can be flexible and I'm willing to travel for it, so long as it's a 24 hour round trip or can be tied in with something worky the following day. I don't want this to get out of hand and end up with '09 being the year BSM and I crash and burn. As most ideas probably won't fill a whole day I'll be looking for something which I can tackle over the course of a long time as well as a host of one-off ideas to occupy my time. Anything which allows the left side of my brain (or is it the right? I never remember) to stay clear and active on work brainstorming is a bonus, I just want to get away from the damn computer screen!

If you have any suggestions for me, leave them in the comments or email to - Thanks


Sanna Dyker said...

One of my plans for the new year is to get up and go anywhere one day, get on a train or plane and go somewhere even if its only for a night or something. Just to explore. I like to be spontaneous, and i get bored of being in the same place all the time, so i've promised myself this year i'll go on a little adventure!

I follow you on twitter by the way :)

john said...

draw pictures of your bands!

dan said...

Try and blag a radio show or something.