Saturday, 20 December 2008

The Wet Bandits

I'm having a joyfully productive morning today. Partly because my job is, for better or worse, 24/7, 365 days a year, and also partly because it's the Saturday before Christmas and I'm scrooged if I'm going anywhere near any shops today! I struggle to stay calm on a regular day when little old ladies walk slowly infront of me down the street, add the threat of increased crowds, panic buying and paper cuts from wrapping paper, I'll be staying right where I am thanks very much.

If you, like me, are cowering indoors and arming yourself with Home Alone boxsets and the TV remote, here are some bands you should check out, if you decide to give your eyes a moments rest...

Hair Traffic Control
Joe from Tubelord has been harking on about these for a while now. If you're into the 'lord, This Town Needs Guns, Minus The Bear etc, give these a spin. Upbeat math-pop done right, even if they do have a stupid name.

Kevin Devine
Yep, so I've mentioned this one a couple of times before, but seriously, do yourself a favour and buy everything this man has ever recorded, let alone released. All of the tracks on his Myspace player are absolute winners so that's a good place to start.

The Tupolev Ghost
As seen at the BSM Christmas Party in London last week. There's a real buzz starting to surround these guys and it's easy to see why when you hear their clever and interesting mix of all of your favourite DC bands. Ones to watch in 09 for sure.

If you're thirsty for more (spot the Home Alone reference there), the latest episode the BSM Podcast is up online now. It features very drunken interviews with Blakfish, Pulled Apart By Horses and Toby (Shoes And Socks Off / ex-Meet Me In St Louis) along with music from all of those and loads more. The whole thing clocks in at just under an hour and is the best Christmas present you'll be getting from us tight bastards this year! I hope my Mum's ok with that.

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