Tuesday, 2 December 2008

U S of No Way

I've hit upon a brainwave and possibly managed to solve two quandries in one. Glory! Or so I thought...

Over the past few weeks I've spent many an hour daydreaming and planning next March's trip to the US for SXSW in texas. My thinking is that if I'm going that far I'm damned if I'm then going to turn around and head straight back home after four days of music industry overcrowding and missing bands I could, in the most part, see any day of the week. The hamsters upstairs kicked into overdrive and the wheel of opportunity was spitting out hundreds of options, each one more insanely brilliant than the last, every single one of them hopelessly unrealistic. That was until today when it hit me. The perfect travel itinerary which ticked all of the boxes:

Cheap flight into New York? Tick.
A reason to visit friends in one or two cities? Yep.
Sightseeing potential? Of course.
Possibilities of stopping off in Kentucky, the home of my favourite chicken receipe? Maybe.
A fine excuse to write pointless blogs which, for once, might interest others? Damn straight!
A chance of meet a couple of heroes and possibly further my record label? Jackpot!

The idea was formed, maps were checked, US budget internal flight prices consulted and sparks were flying, what could possibly stop me now?!

Sodding airlines sales have ended.

The whole plan hinged delicately on my cheap flight across the Atlantic, the one thing which has been certain throughout this difficult, mind-changing process, and now its been pulled from under me like the dirty little rug it is. You bastards, BA, piss off Virgin, fuck you American Airlines!

So this is me. Dejected and back at my drawing board but with metophorical ink fast running out. What's next? Do I try and scrape together the extra couple of hundred pounds and literally hang the expense for a brilliant trip? Do I downsize my exciting plan, sacrificing creativity and possible glory for the sake of a few quid? Or do I sit it out and wait, poised and ready for any impromptu sales, risking further costs as prices continue to rise over the busy festive period?

Lord, give me a sign. I'm down to the very last episode of The Wire and am already questioning where my life goes after today. Don't do this to me, big man.

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deerfieldparksouth said...

Well, I do not really believe this will have success.