Monday, 15 December 2008

'tis it really the season?

I can't believe how quickly Christmas is racing up on us. I'm still not really feeling the festive spirit but Gem and I have shopping and decorating plans for Wednesday (plans which I made and then promptly forgot until I had double-booked myself elsewhere - oops) which should help ease me into the season. After that it'll be the same old Home Alone - one and two - and Elf routine, before a bout of difficult wrapping on Christmas eve.

Despite my numbness towards the forthcoming holiday, the celebrations are in full swing and my ears are paying the price for it. Saturday night saw myself and Jack hit the mean streets of Southampton for a somewhat lonely Alcopop staff party. But what we lacked in numbers we made up for in alcohol abuse, hitting everywhere from Flares (at a ridiculously early 8pm - never again!) to Wetherspoons (where so many horrid old hags crowded the bar we gave up after an unsucessful 10 minutes of waiting to be served). Cut The Blue Wire were playing at Hampton's a small bar with a stage in the shop window, NME pages covering the walls and an audience who don't applaud, a strange experience but the cheap cocktails helped ease the indie hurting. Things got messy after here as Jack applied to drum for a local Led Zeppelin covers band, which resulted in receiving text message threats of head stomping, and we hit a club with a DJ who surprised us both with his ability to play unremarkable indie "hit" after "hit", each one as generic as the last, literally could've been any band from a list of a hundred. We ended up back in our little hotel room around 4am, attempting to call Southampton's "24/7" booze delivery hotline before Jack's incredible snoring and the loud ringing in my ears reached unbearable levels, leaving me unable to hear the snooker commentary on the TV. A disappointing end to a fine night out. Overall I'll give Southampton 6/10, although I might deduct a further 2 points for the shocking amount of rude people (including a taxi driver) we encountered when asking for directions. Where to go next year? hmm

I'm just about to listen through the BSM Christmas Podcast episode, which was recorded live from the house party in Sheffield leg of the xmas tour on Friday. It'll be up on iTunes etc later today or tomorrow. I'll post the link asap.

Shoes And Socks Off album is out today. At £4 it's the perfect present for any loved one. Don't let them down!

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