Monday, 8 December 2008

Snow Business

Every website and his dog are onto the advent calendar scheme this year aren't they? As linked below, The Line Of Best Fit had yours truly behind door number 6 spouting off about Shield Your Eyes (there's also a short interview with me on the Old Age Hipster blog, which I might as well plug whilst I'm blowing trumpets), and now Copy Haho-ho-ho have sprung up on the 8th day on both Maps and This Is Fake DIY. Now you really know it's Christmas!

Today has been mostly spent putting up shelves, or more accurately... Watching my dad as he does them for me. That's right folks, your favourite DIY record label doesn't know squat about domestic maintenance work. A spirit level is the point on a Saturday night when you can no long stand un-aided, right? Either way, this little flat is now filled with no fewer than 11 lovely new shelves, screaming out to be filled with boxes and boxes of CDs. And who am I to disappoint?

Lets get this snow on the road! (Christmas puns > normal puns)

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