Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Seasonal music

My new found addiction to Kevin Devine is growing to almost unhealthy proportions. I think it's a 'time of the year' thing as I've spent many an hour over the last couple of months looking around for beautiful acoustic, folky music having moved out of my "as loud as possible, please" spring craving and my delicious pop hits summer spree. This came along at exactly the right time. God bless Kevin Devine.

I've decided to hit Brighton for the BSM Christmas show tonight. I've been umming and arring about it lately, what with all of the distro stuff and whatnot stressing me out, but a trip to the seaside in mid-December seems like a good idea right now. I haven't seen Secondsmile in ages, or This Town Needs Guns for that matter (which is even worse considering they live literally around the corner) in ages and I've been looking forward to seeing The Crowns On The Rats Orchestra play live for longer than I can remember. Anyone in or around Brighton, do come down tonight. Tickets are available on the door (the venue is The Hope, by the way) and I'll be the one drunkenly eating freezing cold chips and clutching a bottle of Pimms in a boat on the beach, if my last trip down there is anything to go by.

Unfortunately Toby's nan has recently passed away and as it's the funeral tomorrow, Shoes And Socks Off will be dropping from the bill of the evenings gig in London. Obviously our thoughts and best wishes are with Toby and his family. Scarily this is the 3rd time someone has had to pull out of a BSM Christmas Party in London for this reason, over the course of the events 5 year history. Filling the beardy void left in the lineup will be one of our new favourite bands, The Tupolev Ghost. Sounding like a cross between all of your favourite DC bands from the past 20 years, they'll blow your nuts off before you can say "they're my favourite new band too, now." Tickets for the gig are available here.

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