Saturday, 6 December 2008


This week has been heavy going. Lets dumb this shit down for a minute...

Matthew Horne from Gavin And Stacey (not the fat one, the other one) has claimed that he's too selfish to start a family. Somehow this counts as news. Here's some better news regarding Mr Horne: He's a big This Town Needs Guns fan. True story. He's been to see them play live on a number of occasions including shows in London, Kingston and as far afield as Nottingham, and can be found lurking somewhere in their thousands of Myspace friends.

Last night I won £15 on I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. Don't get me wrong, I despise these shows as much as the next red-blooded male, but having seen a few minutes of an earlier episode it was clear to all that Micky from Eastenders had this one in the bag, so I put a few quid on and have just blown my winnings on lemonade, bacon and a big chicken for lunch tomorrow. Cheers Joe! You dappy idiot you.

I've run out of dumb stuff to talk about. I guess I'm just too damn smart.

Is everyone enjoying their advent calendars this December? Mine had a picture of a bell this morning. Here's something you wouldn't commonly find behind door number 6.

Jack and I had a long overdue Alcopop "meeting" last night. We got drunk, finalised our plans for the staff Christmas party (which will see us two young bucks hitting the dirty streets of Southampton next Saturday - anyone with any suggestions of places we should go?) and watched the Paul Steel DVD through four times. It's a brilliant collection of videos by a number of really clever directors, all rolling into one another to create some sort of Beach Boys inspired animated musical. Check out the video 'Honking On My Crack Pipe', below...

Time to cook my winning bacon and watch a football match I don't really care about. Happy Saturday!

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