Thursday, 4 December 2008

The eye of the storm

What a day. An absolute rollercoaster. Here's a brief recap:

Woke up this morning with a Wire shaped hole in my life. I felt low, a little sorry for myself, and considered a day in bed.

I got a grip and hauled my arse up, did a few hours of work and then left for London. Sat on the bus relishing the sunny winter morning and coming up with pages and pages of ideas for new releases, promoting bands, tidying things up and ways to improve everyones lives - if your life revolves solely around Big Scary Monsters Records and its little roster of indie bands, that is. My iPod was pumping out the hits and when I left the bus I had a spring in my step as I bounced my way around Marble Arch, bouyed by my brainwaves and our busy 2009 release schedule.

Went to my first meeting and spent a very pleasant hour or so in a nice little Soho cafe catching up on industry gossip and talking about potential future releases. All very exciting.

Laughing I look at my phone to find a text message from Jack Alcopop informing me that Pinnacle (who are business partners with our distributor, Shellshock) have gone into administration.

The laughing stops.


I pay for our drinks. They cost twice as much as I expected.

The sun's gone and it's dark outside. Really, really dark.

I notice for the first time today that it is infact freezing.

Shellshock owe us quite a lot of money, what's going to happen?

I start to lose my voice for no good reason whatsoever. What's that all about? A pain starts to burn through my throat.

Seriously, this is REALLY cold.

What about the un-sold stock? Would we get that back?

Oh God

I ring Shellshock. They tell me things will be ok but I can't stop worrying. I call some of our label-in-laws and everyone is as clueless as I am. Some people tell me everything will be fine, others say we're screwed. Heck.

My second meeting is a brief, cold affair.

My third is even colder.

I cancel my fourth and make my way back towards Oxford as quickly as my shivering little legs will take me. By this point I'm carrying 100 Get Cape Wear Cape Fly CDs and 50 Shoes And Socks Off album sleeves.

I stop at Kfc and not even their greasy chicken treats cheer me up.

The bus arrives, it's horribly busy. A fat old woman sits next to me resulting in my heavy bags being placed on my lap and my legs quickly numbing over.

The driver announces that there's "heavy traffic" ahead. I want to put my head in my hands but they're being held down by my intrusive baggage. A tear would run down my cheek but I think my glands have frozen over.

I'm pretty sure I hear the woman fart.

I'm a big fan of irony. I really get it. There's something quite pleasing and... I dunno, delightful, about how it works. Today, I'm not such a fan. The irony in this situation, you see, is that in just a few hours time we unveil this, our new scheme. It's something I came up with a few months ago (as mentioned earlier this week) and have since been working on tweaking the concept and designing the site. The thinking behind it is to give the fans a little more than the standard, shop bought, neatly packaged, run of the mill products. I for one was raised on the thrill of limited edition singles, hand numbered sleeves and one-of-a-kind items, and it disappoints me to think that BSM may sink into the depths of 'just another label doing normal label things'. So this is it. This is part one (of three, possibly four - oh you'll see!) of getting a little more out there. We're talking exclusive CDs, signed items, absolute one-off, purpose built "things" and much more besides. At the moment there's only a small amount of content online but there is so much more coming over the next few weeks, including some bits and pieces I almost hope never sell because I want to keep them for myself! It works on a first-come-first-served, once they're gone, they're gone, basis. Many of these items you won't find in shops and that's my favourite part of this plan. The items exist, they're real things for real people to really own, but only if they care enough to come and find them. The punchline here is that if the egarly anticipated news regarding Pinnacle/Shellshock is bad... It won't only be these good which you'll struggle to find. We could really be in trouble.


Anonymous said...

the 'this' link doesn't work...what are you revealing?

Kev said...

Ah you're right! I've just corrected it