Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Do YOU know it's Christmas time?

I've been in a very strange mood lately, and I don't think I'm the only one. It's impossible to ignore the credit crunch, nobody has any money and it's bloody cold! A few years back when I was working in a particuarly bleak office one of the accountants commented, remarking on my dislike for the fact that it's dark when you get up and dark again by the end of the work day, that it's like being dead. An un-necessarily somber analogy, but you get the idea. There seems to be a real air of confusion, mild panic and depression hanging over parts of the music industry right now, which certainly doesn't help matters. Everyone from major labels to up and coming artists are meeting to discuss plans and find ways to adapt to these changing circumstances and I'm starting to worry that what has been a fine and enjoyable year for us will now be slightly tainted by a difficult end. "2008 was the year when everyone ran out of money and got really negative, right?" is how the future conversations will go. Lets hope that is followed by "Ah yeah, but 2009 was the year when everyone made loads of money and had a brilliant time!"

But lets not dwell on the frosty issues, this is a music blog after all. Here's what's going on in just one sentence:

Copy Haho are waiting for the masters of their forthcoming EP, Toby is working on albums two and three for Shoes And Socks Off, Blakfish jet off to Seattle on new years eve to record their album, This Town Needs Guns have just announced some tour dates for February and I'm still hooked on Kevin Devine.

Done. More one sentence news updates coming soon.

Christmas is just over one week away and my meh (an English dictionary word an old school friend claims to have invented) feeling towards the season is slowly thawing, so here's part two of forcing the issue:

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