Monday, 1 December 2008

The big match

I'm having a real floaty day today. Having started roughly 20 tasks thus far, I'm still yet to complete one as I bounce from emails to mailorders to tidying to website designing and back again. Later this week we'll be unveiling a new section on the BSM website which I'm quite excited about. It's an idea I had a few months ago which immediately jumped up a few notches as I started to have thoughts of social network tie-ins and other ellaborate schemes, but have since managed to peel myself from the ceiling and strip this idea back to its basics and focus on what's important. I'm not going to give too much away just yet, but will post lots more information about it very soon and will no doubt be asking for your ideas and feedback too.

Lloyds TSB have sent me a credit card statement for £0.00. This is mostly because I was sent the card three years ago but never actually registered it, let alone using it, which they know fully well as they've called me a number of times to query the situation. So todays statement is the 36th consecutive one to inform me that I owe them no money. And we wonder why it is that banks are suffering! Stop posting so much junk, idiots!

I've been looking forward to tonight for the best part of four months now. It's Reading v Coventry at the Madejski Stadium. A few years ago I moved into a shared house with three friends: two Cov fans and a fellow Reading supporter. As you can imagine battle ensued, which is a pity for Jack and Ian as Reading have gone from strength to strength (minus the small matter of relegation last season, but we don't talk about that) whilst Coventry and struggled to even keep up their form of mid-table mediocrity. If form is anything to go by, tonight should be another celebratory one at BSM Towers. Come on you Royals!

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