Thursday, 11 December 2008

Batman smells and Robin laid an egg

Two days into my three night stint on the BSM Christmas Tour. Last night in London was as brilliant as it was stressful as I - and the bands! - arrived 15 minutes AFTER the doors opened! A good time ensued with a really friendly atmosphere in a heavily festive room as all four bands won new admirers and Blakfish looked like the most punk rock Christmas bastards you've ever seen!

Tonight the tour hits Oxford and a venue (The Cellar) within walking distance of my house, which is delightful news considering my current fragile state. This Town Needs Guns, Secondsmile, House of Brothers and the excellent up and coming local lads, Cat Matador, are playing this one, with DJs spinning massive hits until 3am. My major organs are arguing over who is more excited about the prospect of a night in tomorrow. My head is currently winning but my liver also puts forward a good case.

Awoke to sobering news this morning that my Landlord has passed away. I only met him a handful of times but he was a very nice, friendly, reliable guy and definitely the first good Landlord I've had, so he will be missed. From a selfish point of view this may now mean a forthcoming move to the 4th new BSM HQ in 5 years, which is something I'm really not up for. The idea of jacking life in and seeing out my days hopping trains with a knapsack in Middle America whilst wearing a cowboy hat and chewing on straw gets more tempting with every difficult day, failing distributor, untimely death and crushing hangover.

I really dislike this time of year. Time to hang the expense and put the heating on for a bit. I need cheering/warming up. This might be another time where I need to turn to The Colonel in search of salvation. KFC is for winners. KFC saves.


James Tupolev said...

Good to see you last night man and thanks for having us play.

You want to get yourself a Zinger Tower inside you. That's what.

Kev said...

Thanks for playing! It was a really good night

Went for a microwave chicken curry instead of a KFC. 3/10 for decision making. I'm such a fool

dan said...

To get Christmassy try the new Xmas subway, or perhaps a McDonalds Chicken Premier with the new flavour mcflurry (quality street).