Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Bag Of Bones

I finished The Wire last night. Oh God, I finished it! Five series and more drug related murders than I care to remember, my sheltered youth has been shattered and my sleep patterns can finally rejoice as I return to a reasonable kipping hour. Where my life goes from here I just don't know. I'm off to London to seek direction.

Yesterday I was interviewed by Yorkshire Radio. An hour and a half on the phone which was made up of 5 minutes of cheap plugs and "um"s, the other 1:25 was putting the world to rights, comparing travel stories and slating the media's obsession with 'the next big thing' and bands skipping the vital step of building a grass roots fanbase. The age-old race to 'make it' as quickly as possible needs to end, for everyone's sake.

I've fallen head over heels in love with 'Another Bag Of Bones' by Kevin Devine. You should listen to it.

My bus to London leaves in a couple of hours. I'm in the city for 7 hours and only have one meeting and a couple of collections to make, that's a lot of extra time to kill. My iPod, notebook and freshly bought set of pens have a lot of 'us time' coming up. See you tomorrow with a bagful of new ideas and some cold turkey Wire issues.

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Anonymous said...

The official post-Wire cold turkey recipe:

1. The pseudo prequel:

2. Generation Kill

3. Watch The Wire again!