Monday, 22 December 2008

Back in 5 minutes

For much of this year I've been entertaining this deluded idea of having a massive 6 week Christmas break. With no releases between the start of December and the beginning of February, I somehow mis-understood that as 'no work to do' and set about my festive daydreaming accordingly. Of course, as the time got closer I realised just how wrong I was and infact, it's as busy as ever, if not more so, since the whole Pinnacle debarcle errupted.

Today is Monday 22nd December; three days until Christmas. I have but a couple of doors left on my Simpson's advent calendar, my present shopping is complete (pending last minute Amazon deliveries!) and my friends are all off work until early January. Every office in the music industry is filled with exploded party poppers, empty bottles of champagne, a couple of leftover sausage rolls and a sign hanging on the door saying "see you next year." Every office except this one, that is. I'm desparate for a break and determined to take one, but feel bad doing so. Like at school when you have an exam coming up and you'll do anything to ignore revising yet the nagging voice in your head just won't give you a break, this stupid little angel on my shoulder wont shut up. He's painted himself green and is claiming that Christmas is cancelled. Meanwhile the devil on the other shoulder has adorned his little Santa hat and fake beard and is urging me away from the computer. What do I do?

I decide to run a test. It's 12.11pm. If no new emails appear in the next 10 minutes it's officially the Christmas holidays. That's a fair deal. I've already sent about 20 out this morning, chances are someone will reply. God I hope they don't.

12.17pm - email received.

Son of a bitch! The Grinch is grinning. Lets try again...

12.25pm - email received.

Bugger! We're getting closer, that was a whole 8 minutes without an email. Third time lucky?

12.56pm - still no email.

Hallelujah! I'm off out to get drunk. The office is closed.

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