Tuesday, 25 November 2008

You're hired... again... not that I ever sacked you anyway

I'm turning to you again.

After the incredible response I received a few weeks ago when I threw open the doors and screamed "what the crap would make you buy a compilation CD in these days of modern wonders?" I have another query and was hoping you guys might be able to spare a couple of moments to reprise your helpful roles.

I've been asked if I'd write a column for Drowned In Sound, much like the one here from fellow record label boss, John Brainlove. Sean (Mr DiS) has suggested that I use the piece to tip new bands who are taking my fancy and perhaps discuss a few label tasks I've recently encountered and hopefully conquered. It sounds like a good idea to me, not too dis-similar to Blog Scary Monsters (although a little more focussed and a little less Wire inspired!), but perhaps needs a slightly tighter brief or a different spin putting on it. This is where you come in...

What would you like to read about? Do you want random new musical tips? Would an orderly list of, for example, 5 per month be better? If yes to either of those two questions, would an explanation on how I came to find them be of any use? Or do you find it easy enough to discover your own new music and care little for other peoples taste? Are there any subjects related to record label management or new music as a whole which you would be interested in reading about? What if I just made Myspace Fruit Of The Week a permanent feature on their website?!

Thanks in advance for your time, y'all


Rachel12 said...

Hm, well, if you were able to recommend a new band in each column but make each one from a different location and genre, I'd appreciate that greatly. I always love finding out about local scenes (at the moment it's Birmingham for the win), and it's always good to discover and listen to genre's you might otherwise not find out about.

Bah I'm sure it'll be a top read whatever you write in it! Literally, even if it was nonsensical ramblings, I'd be like 'wow! Intense!'.

Kev said...

Thanks Rachel. Funnily enough the geography idea is one I was toying with actually, although I was looking at more countries than cities. 'Around the world in 80 Myspace plays', or something like that!

Anonymous said...

As someone who's pondered trying to start a label recently (maybe not on your scale as nice as that would be). I'd really like to know about the hardest parts of running BSM, initially finding a distributor (if that was a problem) or, how long do you "scout" a band for if you intend to sign them for example?
Plus anything else you feel would be informative on that front.

Agreed on local/international scenes insight as well, I'd love to know what's coming out smaller cities and compare them with smaller cities in other countries. Say Newcastle for here then Helsingborg in Sweden etc.